Curatorial Statement

We are experiencing turbulent times. Our identities are changing, the way we experience time and community is shifting. How can we restructure ourselves without losing sight of what’s important? Will we manage to leave liminal states behind us and invent new forms of community as intra-acting beings?


On two festival evenings on November 10th and 11th, we will dedicate ourselves to sound art and its transdisciplinary fusion with pop, experimental electronic music, performance, audiovisual and media art under the theme “From Liminal Attraction to Intra-Action” in the Kulturgarage Seestadt.


We understand liminality not as a fixed state, but a changing and fluctuating threshold condition. It’s the middle stage of a process, where we no longer hold our pre-liminal status – but have not yet adapted to a new one.
Furthermore, In their manifold capabilities to connect with one another, current artistic developments can be described as vivid examples of what feminist philosopher and theoretical physicist Karen Barad has termed intra-action: Inspired by quantum physics, Barad assumes that all objects and phenomena inter-act in co-constitutive ways, constantly exchanging and influencing each other. Accordingly, nothing is inherently separate from each other. And our bodies, ideas and technological apparatuses don’t inter-act – they intra-act.
Rather existing and emerging through their mutual relationships. This idea seems not only implicit for experimental contemporary artistic practices – beyond that, it is fundamentally inspiring and may amplify discussions on reciprocity, collectivity, agency and animacy.


Sonic Territories Festival is all about embracing shifting points and the journey into uncharted territories. The two-day festival on November 10th and 11th 2023 at Kulturgarage in Seestadt, Vienna will showcase a transdisciplinary programm by and with artists and musicians who work with performative, theatrical and cinematic means.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 18, 1220 Wien