Zeynab Kirikou Gueye (CZ)
Denis Červená (CZ)

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The performance is based on a collaboration of two artists working with different media and in different contexts. In their project, they are combining DJ, dance and sex siren performances and are aiming to create an accessible multimedia concept. The performance’s continual attempt is to queer the spaces and dancefloors of its happening. By linking music, performance and dance and using these media in a referential and intentional way, the project aims to shine a light on how relationships of power are manifested not only in the histories and practices of dance and music but also in the environments that serve to share them. Its intention is to spread the word of the emancipatory potentials of knowing the contexts of black dance styles and black genres like vogue, hip hop, dancehall, techno or disco and examine the positionality of the performers themselves – a black nonbinary DJ and a white femme lesbian dancer. Its dedication is to always be political, queer, full of love, anger-releasing, consciousness-raising and confidence-inducing – as a celebration of the gifts and legacies of these different dance styles and musical genres. 

Zeynab Kirikou Gueye (*26.5.1999 in Prague) is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, technician, community organizer, founder of a digital queer-feminist platform and a DJ based in Vienna. Their practice is influenced by their Senegalese heritage, love for pro-Black queerness, intersectional feminism and by their interest in naturalcultural ecologies and the abilities to dream of visionary futurisms amidst social depression. They perceive individual embodied experience as a source of valid knowledge. Since 2017, they are articulating the intersections of their different artistic and curious practices mainly through their study of music and performance, and through collaboration with artists and researchers on projects that are interdisciplinary and politically involved. Using their own embodied knowledge to navigate different cultural spaces, a starting point of all their work is always the contextualization of the time/space engendered by the present moment.

Denis Červená (*30.6.1999 in Mělník)  is a student of Philosophy and Political Science at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague. She is a professional dancer, performer, an occasional actress, community organizer, co-founder of a digital queer-feminist platform, sex siren and a painter. Besides commercial dance projects, she is actively involved in performative art. She does authorized projects as well as collaborations and she is a part of a ballroom community by being a member of kiki House of Ambitchous. Denis’s art is coming from her as a queer lesbian femme, who is being topless, sex-positive, loud, dirty, slut, shameless, uncensored and open about her trauma. She is trying to find new media thought which is possible open mentioned topics.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 28, 1220 Wien