Vica Pacheco MX


Improvisation Set

‘Animacy‘ is an improvisation set with Pachecos ceramic instruments. The principal sounds come from 6 hydraulic whistling vessels, some resonators and objects. 

Vica’s practice dwells between ritual and translation, where healing becomes a dialogue to understand that, if everything is alive, the conversation surpasses the word; that speech can be renewed through affect, sensations and perceptions. Each concert is different. It can be described as a sonic ecosystem with organic and haunting sounds coming from the vessels to guide the audience through uncharted territory.


Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico in 1993, she lives and works in Brussels. She studied Art at La Esmeralda in México City before graduating from Villa Arson in France in 2017. Her practice is rooted in experimental music and composition, but she also has a plastic practice going through ceramics and 3d animation. Her work is above all eclectic and energetic, inspired by mythological crossbreeding, prehispanic technologies and interactions between human and non-human, she likes to arrange the most heterogeneous or hazardous elements between them, to produce sound performances and installations.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 28, 1220 Wien