Tot Onyx (JP)

Tot Onyx is the solo project of Tommi Tokyo from the Japanese duo group A.

Formed in 2012, group A’s exploration of breaking the preconceptions of live performance by incorporating use of the body, live-painting, noise and poetry, was met with great enthusiasm and excitement from small art spaces to established festivals, such as Berlin’s Atonal. Adept at bending expectations, both live and on record, the band’s formative early work echoes the experiential vocabulary in which Tommi continues to develop today.


In 2021 she composed and performed on the theatre piece “Das Beuys”(Theater Thikwa, Berlin) which was the result of her study of Butoh under the choreographer and director of the piece, Yuko Kaseki. She also spent the second half of 2021 working and finalizing the score for Juri Padel’s film ‘JUNK SPACE BERLIN’, which premiered in 2022. Projects such as these lay a foot hold for Tommi’s expanding musical expression and further exploration into sound design. 


Tot Onyx’s debut album ‘Senno I’ was released in October 2022 on iDEAL Recordings.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 28, 1220 Wien