Thea Soti (HU)

Paris/Berlin based Thea Soti (HU) is an experimental vocalist, electronic musician and composer. She uses digitally manipulated sound, human voice and poetry in different formats, continuously twisting, manipulating, recycling her own voice, turning it into noise or melody, shifting between recognizably human and destorted vocal material. Most of Soti´s work is deeply connected to our communication tools and researches the complexities of affection and intimacy. Her main goal is to re-contextualize the human voice and challenge the preconceptions attached to it by stretching the borders of what a human voice can sound like. She has worked and toured internationally from New York, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Budapest, Belgrade, Berlin, Moscow, Marrakech to Tokyo and has been invited as artist-in-residence to Sonoscopia Porto (PT), BMC Budapest (HU), Balassi Institute Brussels (BE), Tarabya Cultural Academy (TR) in Istanbul, Immersive Arts Space Zürich (CH), Montévidéo Marseille (FR) or Cité internationale des Arts in Paris (FR). She has worked as a soloist with IRCAM Paris, Luxembourg Art Week, ORF Wien, Goethe Institut, Frac Grande Large and has been selected as a SHAPE+ artist for 2022/2023. Her solo album has just been released by the Paris-based experimental label, Planisphère. Her solo performances investigate the boundaries of gender, language, memory and social affiliation by exploring virtual and posthuman identities through voice.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 28, 1220 Wien