Asuna Arashi & Rima Kato

Falling Sweets
/ Afternoon Membranophone


Falling Sweets is a new theater piece by Asuna (JP). The work consists of two meal scenes by a pair. The tableware has been replaced by toy and electronic musical instruments, and the meal is a colorful confectionery. The musical instruments sound along with the gradual act of eating, a theatrical and new performance experiment with a number of devices involving unexpected physical phenomena, all of which are sounded by the eating of the sweets. 

* Falling Sweets is performed by Asuna
(Asuna Arashi) and Rima Kato. 

Asuna Arashi
is a prominent Japanese sound artist who has gained recognition within the experimental music and art scene. Since his teenage years in the late 1990s, he has been actively participating in Tokyo’s experimental and improvised music community. His body of work encompasses a unique fusion of interdisciplinary art perspectives, combining elements of hardcore/punk with a sweet and melodic musical orientation, creating a fascinating contrast.

One of his most notable creations is „Each Organ“ (2002), a groundbreaking sound installation that reinterprets the very essence of objects through their etymology. He is also known for his avant-garde performance „100 Toys,“ incorporating a wide array of toys. A notable recent project by Asuna is „100 Keyboards“, a site-specific performance that involves more than 100 toy keyboards. This performance is centered around exploring physical acoustic phenomena, such as interference sound and moire resonance. „100 Keyboards“ has been showcased at various international art festivals and renowned theaters, including the prestigious BAM in New York City.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 28,
1220 Wien