Antonia XM(AT)
x Klimentina LiBG


Antonia XM(AT)

As a producer, vocalist, DJ and co-founder of Viennese label Ashida Park, Antonia XM is a fixed value in the hybrid club scene. In her original work power and emotion are pushed to the forefront.

Her debut EP, released in May 2022, sees to a tender coupling of the electro and the acoustic, marrying intimate guitar picking and softcore singing to at times violent club kicks and searing synths. Antonia XM makes music that maximises emotional impact, without ever losing sight of an essential element of care.

(Camilla Peeters)

Klimentina Li (BG)

Klimentina Li’s primary focus is interaction. As a new media artist, curator, and educator, her work ranges from research-driven game novels to audiovisual compositions and workshops. Her artistic practice explores the contradictory relationships between humans and technologies. Throughout her narratives, she observes alternative approaches to immersive experiences while questioning the already known.

Her background in media art and pedagogy inspires her to find ways to communicate digital concepts in a playful manner. Her work carries the ability to open conversations. She was part of the core team of major European media art festivals. Such as CIVA Festival Vienna 2022-2023, Digitale Welten 2022 Frankfurt, and Ars Electronica Linz 2017-2019. After finishing her BA in Stage and Costume Design and BA in Art Education at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Klimentina went further with externalising her skills via media and interaction. She completed her master’s degree in the Interface Cultures department at the University of Art and Design Linz and in the Experimental Game Culture department at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

10. + 11.
11. 2023


Am Ostrom-Park 28, 1220 Wien