Mia Zabelka (AT) – E-violin, electronic devices, alien objects
Tina Frank (AT) – video synthesizer, camera


Tina Frank and Mia Zabelka share a fascination and engagement with de- and reconstructing sound and image in an ongoing process of concrete abstraction.
Defraction is the first public performance of these two artists who wander along boundaries between analogue and digital modes of expression, creating elemental audiovisual worlds comprising minimalist elements and global overviews of sight and sound that come together in an explosive, fragile event in the performance space.
Opacity and transparency, light and dark, dissonance and melody collide in a reconsideration of opposition, constantly challenging supposed notions of perceptive norms.
Defraction refers both to the audiovisual materiality of Frank, Zabelka’s work and to processes of socio-political disintegration, reflecting the fragile and fragmented times we inhabit and simultaneously proffering an audiovisual flicker of hope. Frank and, Zabelka’s collaboration portrays possibility and transformation, overcoming thresholds in the inter- medial generation of new spaces of creative reflection.


Since her first release Somateme on Berlin’s Edition RZ, Austrian violinist and composer Mia Zabelka brings intensive and experimental approaches to the archetypally classical sound object of the violin, using both physical and digital extended techniques (prepared objects in  the strings, howling, an array of live electronics) to hone her own instrumental language. Her previous collaborators include Elliott Sharp, Dälek, Phill Niblock, Pauline Oliveros and Lydia Lunch.  She has given concerts and performances at many Festivals throughout Europe, America and Asia. Numerous CD, vinyl and video releases.

Tina Frank is an Austrian designer and visual artist working in the field of digital publications, data and music visualisations. She is professor at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria, heading the department Visual Communication at the Institute of Media. Since many years, Tina Frank has been performing live with a wide range of musicians including Chicks on Speed, Pita Rehberg and Florian Hecker. Lately she created several installations for exhibitions and for permanent uses. Her video works are found in international collections of videoart and are presented in the experimental section of film festivals. 



Mia Zabelka by Cristina Marx 1