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Hanna Besenhard



Hanna Besenhards practice is defined by strategies by which she 
combines forms and revealing tensions in elements, which take their 
own time to manifest into a new sign.
In intentional processes she drives along linear narratives to 
create scenes that operate on the border of volume and flat space. 
Hinting at a series of references to media history and socialisa tion, the works are ambiguous assemblages of Besenhards personal 
positions, media landscapes and qualities of systems. She follows 
her own visual grammar, where materiality is often characterised 
by digital workflows, smoothed but solid forms and found objects. 
Hanna Besenhard lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


not a nomad, 2022

“not a nomad” shows a 3D-printed GPU (graphic processing unit) on a piece of construction steel. Artifacts driving through contrary spaces (internet and sea) form a new sign of movement. The wooden material of the GPU refers to the use of fossil resources like carcoal to drive bitcoin-mining farms. Is standing still and travelling possible at the same time?

ko-kuratiert von Jakob Hütter (HmA)
15:00 – 19:00 Uhr