“Raging beats dissolve into ambience. Hymnic angels arise to usher in flames of noise, spanked out by acidic beasts.” (Unsafe & Sounds) Yuzu is the moniker of Sofia-born, Vienna-based dj and composer, Milena Georgieva.


ῳąཞཞɛɠơ ۷ąƖƖɛʂ warregovalles.bandcamp.com Producers, DJs, club promoters and queer activists Nina Hudej and NinaBelle are recognized and creative co-creators of the current Ljubljana music scene. Their political charge, activist enthusiasm, the active co-creation of the club scene and the reactions to phenomena in modern society are wrapped in the fabric of their prodigious electronic project… Continue reading WARREGO VALLES 


https://tonyrenaissance.bandcamp.com “Tony Renaissance’s liquid emotional landscapes seduce the listener to pursue a queer and dynamic utopia. Their instrumentations are playful: here an angelic voice slips over somber beats and mystical sound-collages, a dizzy synthesizer pulses with the possibilities of an orchestral underscore.” (Sophie Strohmeier) Tony Renaissance is a musician and artist whose work centers on… Continue reading TONY RENAISSANCE


Subletvis is the online moniker of sound artist and composer Mo Nahold. His work focuses on digital alienated aesthetics, various electroacoustic methods and multichannel approached composition techniques in specialized environments. Abstract sound encounters stand in contrast to conventional rhythmic structures and harmonic content, in order to close gaps between sound aesthetics of different musical convictions.… Continue reading SUBLETVIS


“Evoking abstract images that transcend reality, Chra installs an autarchic time-and-space-continuum of vague, nocturnal beauty. Pastose bass drones, airy ambient synths and processed audio-samples form a hypnotic stream that lets you enter an altered state of mind.” (SHINY BEAST) Chra is the Moniker of the Viennese producer, author and radio/TV presenter Christina Nemec. After a… Continue reading CHRA


Budapest based Rozi Mákó has a classical and jazz background as a pianist and began exploring music at an early stage of her life. She found herself doing all kinds of music related projects: composition, sound design, experimental music improvisation and djing. She focuses on connecting with her audience through the phenomenon of music to… Continue reading ROZI MAKO 


September 2021 saw Jakob make his Forwind debut with the powerful seven track trip, ‘In death I am caressing you’. A considerable amount of time was spent developing the music and ideas into a magnetic mix of deep drones, eerie atmospherics and blissful melancholy with a good dash of humour in the surreal and vibrant… Continue reading JAKOB SCHAUER

Akali Akali

02 Juli 2021Einlass 20:00 Beginn 20:30FABRIK, Sonnenallee 137, 1220 Wien3G CONTROLS / TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE [ENG] After remixing Ben Böhmer’s track “Promise You” and getting some attention from electronic music fans worldwide, Akali Akali had releases on Berlin-based labels Endless Music, DOMUM and Ton Töpferei and returned with a selection of fresh compositions in 2021.… Continue reading Akali Akali

Shayma & Seba

01 Juli 2021Einlass 20:00 Beginn 20:30FABRIK, Sonnenallee 137, 1220 Wien3G CONTROLS / TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE english below [DE] Die Musik von Shayma & Seba hat einen forensischen, politischen und metaphorischen Ansatz. Sie graben und sammeln verlorene Stücke aus den Musikarchiven. In ihrem Schaffensprozess kombinieren sie diverses künstlerisches Material mit ihren eigenen Sounds, die sie zu… Continue reading Shayma & Seba