Zosia Hołubowska

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02 Juli 2021
Einlass 20:00 Beginn 20:30
FABRIK, Sonnenallee 137, 1220 Wien

[ENG] Zosia Hołubowska (born in 1988 in Poland) is a queer sound artist, musician, and music curator, who began working and living in Vienna in 2016.They explore archives of folk Eastern European music, as well as traditions of magic, herbalism, and demonology. Hołubowska experiments with archaic ways of singing to create queer soundscapes, installations, performances, and audio essays. They also design sound for performances and video art. Most recently they curated and coordinated the queer synth laboratory Sounds Queer? where they organize, facilitate, and run workshops on electronic and synthesizer music for women, queer and non-binary people. Currently, Hołubowska is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts. Their research deals with experimental queer methodologies in sound art and singing as a knowledge creation process. Hołubowska has performed in Mumok (Austria), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Basque Country), La Gaite Lyrique (Paris, France), AMOQA (Athens, Greece), Sluice Gallery (London, UK); their last sound installation was shown at the Research Pavilion in Venice (Italy).

Photo: © Cecilia Worlen