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Res.Radio ist ein nicht-kommerzielles Community-Webradio mit Sitz in Wien zur Stärkung und Darstellung subkultureller Genres. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2019 hat sich das Radio zu einer multikulturellen Community/Plattform mit Künstlern mit vielen verschiedenen Hintergründen entwickelt. Innerhalb dieser Plattform verbinden sich Menschen, tauschen sich aus Ideen und erstellen Inhalte rund um Musik aller Genres und Vorträge, die Themen wie zeitgenössische Kultur, soziale Ungerechtigkeit und andere Phänomene ansprechen. Res.Radio ist ein Raum vielfältiger künstlerischer Freiheit und von Menschen für Menschen gemacht.


Res.Radio is a non-commercial community webradio based in Vienna to strengthen and display subcultural genres. From its founding in 2019, the radio grew into a multicultural community/platform featuring artists with many different backgrounds. Within this platform people connect, exchange ideas and create content around music across all genres and talks, which addresses topics like contemporary culture, social injustice and other phenomena. Res.Radio is a space of diverse artistic freedom and is made from people for people.

Lake First Lounge | Eva-Maria-Mazzucco Platz 2

Undefined sounds for undefined thoughts. The Res.Radio team member combined narratives from A to Z, from Chile to Ex-Yugoslavia, 70s until 22. rreimundoo has been digging and collecting strongly on melancholia from ancient places and grooves from his South American roots

High Hills

High Hills — Co-Founder Res.Radio & part of Viennese collective Sleepers. In search of experimental club music from the bleeding edges of the internet, rooted in the Indie music of the early 2000s.

Leeres Leben

`Leeres Leben´is an electronic music producer in the genre of downbeat influenced by Jazz instruments, Klassik romances, percussives and drum. She creates sensitive sound ambiences carried by sometimes impulsive, sometimes lovely and intense hands.

´Leeres Leben´ has no identity. It`s somewhere between love & hate. 

Exit Kurt

Named after an off-slip the Res.Radio co-founder Exit Kurt drives you all the way down into a fractured universe of vibrant soundscapes. 

Abu Gabi

Vienna based composer, DJ and curator Tanja Fuchs alias Abu Gabi is a progressive force between noise and radical bass vibrance, itching in pop and club cultural stigmata. They studied music production in Salzburg, music & performance in Istanbul and timebased media arts in Linz. Coming from anarcho-pop and improvisational music they’re an activist solo artist as well as part of the contemporary harsh club duo DVRST. As a composer they work in fields of theater, performance and film. Also as a writer, lecturer and curator Tanja Fuchs is driven by the intense and allegedly incompatible (Klangfestival 2018-21, Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Klubinstitut 2019). They are part of the event series Struma+Iodine, Unsafe+Sounds Festival and the label Ventil Records.