Robert Pravda (NL)


Rotating loudspeaker installation and performance

Performative installation R.A.D. is an attempt to approach sound spatialisation with one monophonic sound source that can be set in adjustable rotational motion. Binding the speed (velocity) of the rotation to the onset of the projected sound results in a spatial offset of the projected sound event.

The live performance is based on a notion that the unity of temporal and spatial components as spatial modulation of the projected sound with the rotating loudspeaker manifests itself through a continuous spatial displacement in the function of time.

This layered temporality of the spatial modulation is bound to an interplay between those time- based components such as: the velocity (speed) of the rotational movement of the loudspeaker, the time of the onsets of the sound events, the time between the succeeding sound events, and their individual duration. The interplay between those temporal elements creates radiation patterns that can be perceived as a continuous spatial movement of the sound projection, or when synchronised with each other, as static positioned sound events in the space.


Robert Pravda (1967) is a sonic-artist and performer who is currently based in The Netherlands, where he resides in the city of Rotterdam. Pravda is also a graduate of The Hague’s Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Music and Dance. At this institute his examination project, 5x5x5, was awarded the visitor’s prize as part of Shell’s Young Artist Award.

Since 2002 he has been teaching sound related courses and developing research projects as a member of the teaching team for the ArtScience department on the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Music and Dance in the Hague. During and after his studies he concentrated on building instruments for multimedia performances, as well as making compositions for spatial sound and light installations that were involved with theater productions.

Pravda has performed and exhibited his work widely, in venues and festivals in Europe and further afield. Notable career highlights include SonicActs Paradiso Amsterdam, Melkweg Amsterdam, PandPaulus Schiedam, Worm and V2 Rotterdam, Plateaux Frankfurt, Der Kunsten festival Brussel. Transmediale Berlin, Kapelica Ljubljana, Purcell Room London and Ars Electronica Linz.

Since 2009 he is an active member of Tilt, an interdisciplinary platform founded by Pravda himself as well as choreographer Andrea Bozic and visual artist Julia Willms. The purpose of this platform has been to inspire and support artistic practice and thinking that transcends traditional boundaries associated with specific disciplines.