Myroslava Kuts

TransArts/Die Angewandte x Sonic Territories // Curated by Richard Eigner

01 -04 Juli 2021
Eva-Maria-Mazzucco Platz 2, 1220 Wien

Daily 3pm – 8pm / Täglich 15-20 Uhr
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Guided Tours: Daily 5pm / Täglich 17 Uhr



Dream Catalogue is a sonic project of dream collection. We are collecting voice recordings of recurring dreams which have their internal memory based on previous dream episodes. The collected material is categorized afterwards, and represented in the soundscapes. Context Studies show that the brain areas that are responsible for dreaming are also responsible for consciousness, perception, and mental imagery. Can this in any way can mean that the brain perceives reality and dreams in the same way? Do we accumulate dream experience in recurring dreams as we do accumulate life experience in our memories?

Myroslava Kuts is a Sound Designer and a Sociologist. Grew up in Ukraine. Now based in France. Her main experience stands in the creation of artistic projects which combine art, science, and technology. Myroslava explores above all the sleeping process and brain-related topics from the neuroscientific perspective. The main approach with which she builds projects is science: she perceives concepts with a certain protokol and uses technical tools of collecting data. To create soundscapes Myroslava relies on the brain data (collected directly for the project or gathered from the research), field recordings, and created along with collected narratives.

Picture: © Florian Tripoteau