Julian Siffert

TransArts/Die Angewandte x Sonic Territories // Curated by Richard Eigner

01 -04 Juli 2021
Eva-Maria-Mazzucco Platz 2, 1220 Wien

Daily 3pm – 8pm / Täglich 15-20 Uhr
Individual Tours: Smartphone Festivalguide-App 
Guided Tours: Daily 5pm / Täglich 17 Uhr


BOUNCE, LISTEN Performance | Basketball, text, chalk, plaster

BOUNCE, LISTEN is a work that relates to the ways in which communities use activities such as sports to engage with architecture and therein occupy, transform and activate formerly dysfunctional or purely transitory sites within the urban fabric. Its title is also its score. It is a piece to be performed for oneself by bouncing a basketball within the marked area while listening to the resonating acoustics of the place. Due to the special acoustic features of the surrounding architecture, the resonances are audible only to the player him*herself.

Julian Siffert often seeks to explore the relation between bodies and spaces at the intersection of sociopolitical, bodily, economic and technological practices. Engaging with issues such as spatial perception, acoustics, orientation, navigation, cartography or geography as well as their histories, he creates performances, sculptures, installations, videos, electronic music and works for ensembles. Concerts and exhibitions so far led him to Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Korea and Switzerland, i.a. to the State Opera and Junge Oper Stuttgart, the festival Acht Brücken Cologne, Transart Festival Bolzano, Kyung Hee Composition Festival Seoul, Äquidistanz festival Vienna and Unerhörte Musik Berlin. After studying composition in Vienna, Lyon and Stuttgart he is currently enrolled in the TransArts master program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 2016, he collaborates with Ui-Kyung Lee as Perspektivenbox. 


Picture: © Julian Siffert