Dominik Einfalt

TransArts/Die Angewandte x Sonic Territories // Curated by Richard Eigner

01 -04 Juli 2021
Eva-Maria-Mazzucco Platz 2, 1220 Wien

Daily 3pm – 8pm / Täglich 15-20 Uhr
Individual Tours: Smartphone Festivalguide-App 
Guided Tours: Daily 5pm / Täglich 17 Uhr



Landscape changes and most of the time big parts of nature gets transformed into urban space for lots of humans and many animals are losing their natural habitat as a result. Through the sound installation “Deformations” the natural sounds of the displaced animals are brought back into the city. But just as the landscape is constantly morphing, so do the sounds over time. Natural sounds are morphing to their artificial counterparts, the sounds are iterating between the past and the lost nature sounds and future with artficial sounds.

Dominik Einfalt (born. 1996) is a transmedia artist based in Vienna, Austria & right know studying at the Universtity of applied arts, Vienna. His works move between sculptures, BioArt, sound art & digital art. His works are mainly focused on humans and their relationship to their surrounding and their selves, the entanglement of nature what role humans are taking in it.

Picture: © Dominik Einfalt