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presented by Seba Kayan

Carpet Concert is an idéa and space, to create sounds, music and new unthought spaces beyond the western knowledge and cosmology. It is a new born event series that combines the occidental and the oriental world in a new identity and hybridity. 

SEBA KAYAN is a viennese DJ and artist. 
Her music has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach. By digging into various music archives she collects lost pieces. In her musical spectrum, techno meets Anatolian sounds. A binary vision of an occidental vs. oriental world is not aimed to be created, but both cultures are tried to be embodied and become interwoven.

By seeking the past in archives, an imagination of tomorrow is getting shaped into a hybrid music. Acquiring ascriptions and deconstructing them in the musical process, as a collective improvisation process. This method of relating to the ancestors, to a collective memory, tells also an a-linear historical narrative. 

CAGRI ÖZYÜREK began playing the saz at the age of 5. The saz is an oriental lute and is considered a symbol of Alevi culture. After more than 20 years in traditional music, he discovered electronic music for himself in 2015 and from now on started to combine oriental traditional music with electronic sounds. According to him, oriental music is about understanding the feelings transferred in those melodies, specific style of playing instruments, the language of these cultures and the constant reinterpretation of that magical songs.

AMIR MOLANA has been playing music since he was 7 years old, thanks to his parents in Iran. At the age of 7, he began to occupy himself with art, especially music. Music for him is an objective and the musician’s tongue is their instruments or their larynx. For this reason he always enjoys playing music with musicians who speak another language, because in the end you will find your own language together and that language is music.

Zamani Orientteppiche
Währinger Straße 125, 1180 Wien

7pm (Entry 6.30pm)

Freie Spende: 10-15€ recommended
Limited seating capacities / Registration required
Please send you registration to
2,5G rule applies

The event takes place in cooperation with id/l as part of Sonic Territories Extended supported by Stadt Wien Kultur and BMKOES and is hosted by Zamani Orientteppiche