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An Invitation to Unuttered Rest

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01 -04 Juli 2021
Daily 3pm & 6pm
Täglich 15:00 & 18:00 Uhr, Dauer 20 min / Duration 20min
Eva-Maria-Mazzucco Platz 2, 1220 Wien

An invitation to unuttered rest – Aleyda Rocha (MX)

[ENG] Citizenthief is the sound art project of Mexican artist and researcher Aleyda Rocha. The project explores collaborative processes for those in constant transit, criss crossing borders, who must learn and unlearn unwritten protocols.

For her participation in Sonic Territories, she has developed a sound exercise where we will look at small gestures of everyday life that allow us to make space for rest  within  the sonic spaces and situations that already occupy our lives. Rest is a human right. We must see rest as a foundation for our freedom and liberation, and not something that is frivolous and wasting our time. Rest is a renewal, a surrender, and an invitation for disruption of routine. Sleep and resting is a generative space.

Picture: © Aleyda Rocha