Akali Akali

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02 Juli 2021
Einlass 20:00 Beginn 20:30
FABRIK, Sonnenallee 137, 1220 Wien

[ENG] After remixing Ben Böhmer’s track “Promise You” and getting some attention from electronic music fans worldwide, Akali Akali had releases on Berlin-based labels Endless Music, DOMUM and Ton Töpferei and returned with a selection of fresh compositions in 2021. The 3-track EP “La Tentative d’une Experiénce” released in spring 2021 via the label BRU BRU BRU BRU is the Original Soundtrack to “The Attempt Of An Experiment”, a 2020 short film featured by the renown production company Stink Films.

Based in Berlin and Vienna, Akali Akali has been part of Europe’s club scene performing numerous Live & DJ Sets at underground club events (Germany, France, Poland, Austria) and independent festivals (Fusion Festival, Aufwind, WWTBD at Kunsthalle and others). Besides his performing activity, Akali Akali is a multimedia composer, sound designer and classical music artist who weaves self-made instrumental samples into his productions. His works are saturated with self-made audio samples and loops and achieve a great marriage between acoustic and machine-made sounds.

Picture: © Julian Behrenbeck