SONIC TERRITORIES Festival for Sound Art & Exploratory Music is a platform for the presentation of new definitions and approaches in the broad field of sound art. The festival presents installations and live performances by international and Vienna-based artists.

SONIC TERRITORIES defines sound art as a field of intersecting genres ranging from experimental music to improvisation and composition, music as a sculptural and spatial experience and the symbiotic exchange between music, visual art, performance and media art.

The programme brings together artists with diverse approaches whose works share an engagement with the melting and dissolution of traditional definitions of genres. In delicate and complex audio works, they explore intimate and transgressive worlds of sound, creating new sonic experiences.

SONIC TERRITORIES is a cooperation between id/l Agentur für Kunst und Kultur, SFIEMA – Society for Sound Art, Free Improvisation and Experimental Music Austria, Seelab and MediaOpera.
Supported by Bundeskanzleramt, Stadt Wien Kultur, Bezirk 1220 and Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG.

Artistic Director, Managing Director: Mimie Maggale
Curators 2019: Svetlana Maraš, Mia Zabelka (SFIEMA)
Project Management: Benjamin Kornfeld
Design by Studio Seis | Nadine Werjant / Anna Luszcz
Festival Teaser by Julian Reinisch | Apex Film